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*TRUE STORY* Almost Caught in Public

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**This is a true story of a little outdoor crossdressing and masturbation I did last week.** I pulled on my black thong and slid it slowly up my legs until it wedged between my chubby ass cheeks and concealed my tiny 2 inch cock and balls perfectly. Then I put my leopard print bra on over my chubby chest, it felt like I had nice perky little titties. The black tights followed, slowly pulling them on, marvelling as they tightly hugged my body. A beige bodycon turtleneck dress completed the outfit, along with some black flat ballet shoes. I pulled on my new blonde wig for the first time and mar… Read more

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In A Dark, Dank Basement

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[This one's dedicated to SuperCutCinema, for making such awesome videos!] I didn't have any trouble finding the address, thanks to Google Maps! I typed it in, and---there the marker showed up almost instantly! I parked in the alley, as per instructions, and I let myself in through the back fence gate, and then to the basement door in this other guys house, where he said he had his private glory hole set up. 'Take the stairway down,' he had texted earlier, 'then take a quick right, and under the stairway you took is where I'll be waiting for you. You'll see the glory hole plainly.' Ever… Read more

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Keeping the boss happy...

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Jackie was an accountant and part-owner of the high-end Audio/Video store where I worked as a sales rep. In her late forties, divorced, well proportioned, extremely well dressed and aloof, she was hands-off to the sales staff who mentally fucked her as she walked down the aisle towards her office every day. I was no different. The woman carried herself like royalty and had a gold-medal ass she showed off when she walked in heels and clinging skirts. Over the course of a few months after I hired on, there were subtle hints and eye contact but she and I kept it polite and professional. As t… Read more

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Returning Veterans

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[For a thoughtful fan, and his nice feedback...Air Artist!] For whatever reason, I began getting a surprising number of texts regarding my glory hole from returning solders from Afghanistan. The first had been a month before, and soon after that, whether the guy was telling other veterans about me, or it was just coincidence, I soon had, at the very least, three, and even sometimes four soldiers dropping by my glory hole---a DAY! Like the saying goes: 'When it rains, it pours!' Typically, there was very little chatting going on between us when they were there (and that was f… Read more

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The Roulette Girl


Over for another year, thank God I thought to myself. Why were these awards ceremonies always held in the middle of winter? Luckily, we men are dressed in tuxedos whereas the poor women are wearing their best cocktail dresses which although fabulous viewing to break the monotony of the ceremony, they offer little if any protection from the elements. The Grosvenor was its usual dull self, save the cocktail bar which had plenty to offer in terms of visual entertainment. Lots of  young secretary types with LBDs trying to impress their workplace seniors.   Park Lane was as br… Read more

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The Parish Calendar


Scene: The Vicars Office. Background: Mrs Jones has been asked to pop in to see the Vicar. She understands it may to do with her possibly featuring in the forthcoming parish calendar. Her best friend Lily had a chat on this with the Vicar earlier in the week. Afterwards Lily told Mrs Jones that she had a long and intimate meeting with the Vicar on the matter and said “As I have the best tits in the parish I was confident of a place but I did have to get my knickers down. And of course, the Vicar got his cock out”. Being mindful of this this Mrs Jones has taken particular care with her appear… Read more

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Black Dominance/White Submission

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[A story for Robert...he knows who he is!] He'd been chatting with Dennis, an older black guy, for a week before making arrangements to meet him face to face, and as Robert got ready to leave his parents house, he felt that butterfly sensation in the pit of his stomach that was the expression of both nervousness, as well as excited anticipation. The feeling was similar to the time when Robert, as a young boy, did his first-ever dive off a diving board; with that growing sense of uncertainty, and yet excitement, as he stood, for just a second or so in hesitation at the end o… Read more

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Laura’s adventures with MsJ and MrT

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So where do I start i guess you want to know how I became Laura, well if u have seen my profile u will see I’m a mature transvestite, so it clearly started some time ago its remains very clear in my mind, I was a teenager and use to occasionally stay at my aunties, who was a mature lady then in her late 30,s to my mind very attractive , who I had a boyhood crush on . Well back to what happened, I was staying over and decided to have a bath, as I cried myself, I found in the cupboard, her black girdle, knickers , bra and stockings. To this day I don’t know why but I had the urge to try them in,… Read more

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Our sex - what we get up to in the car


There are so many sexy elements to being in the car (as our galleries suggest). Madam knows how to please me, often she will place a bare foot near the gearlever enabling me to stroke her soles and toes, or she’ll place them on the dashboard, sexy toes (hot from shoes) leaving little prints on the windows as she arches and moves them. Sometimes I’ll get them in my lap which means I can stroke a soft, bare calf as an added bonus. I love it, especially if we are on the way home from work and she removes a high heel, or after a day out when a trainer and sock is removed (I love to be wanked into… Read more

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First Time FUCKED !!!

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I had been visiting the adult bookstores and theaters for several months , loving having other men suck me off and becoming quite the cocksucker myself . Things went to a whole new level when I discovered a gay bathhouse across town . Dozens or more hot men , walking around nude looking to get each other off . There was a huge locker area that I had to pass thru to get to my room where I saw three guys sucking cock ! I was so hard as I then passed the mini theater where there were about fifteen men masturbating and sucking cock as a hot fuck movie played on the screen ! I passed the sauna and… Read more

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My wife Sarah and I had seemed to get more risqué with our sex life as we moved into our early 50’s. Sarah had hit the menopause a couple of years earlier and had put on weight going from a size 12 to a size 16, although on a plus note her magnificent breasts had swollen from a 38C to a 38D, but standing at 5 feet 8 inches and having a broad swimmers body she carried it well and with her long blonde hair and dazzling smile she still looked terrific. Sarah is rather a chatty girl, often interpreted as being flirtatious, and has no trouble attracting many male, and for that matter female, admir… Read more

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Innocent Affair

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Innocent Affair By: Londebaaz Chohan It was strange but still innocent. Ms. Alize and her teacher Mr. Austin Gibbs; always cracked goofy jokes and other such stuff, pushing the limits of the propriety whenever she came to help him. Mr. Gibbs was a teacher of Statistics at Langley High School and Alize was inspiring to be a teacher. She tried to do the finest job as an intern with him for the best learning possible. The most honest fact was that Alize was fucking her teacher or should it be said that he was fucking Alize, more than the help he could give her to be a teacher few years f… Read more

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enjoying MY first time sex

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It was our wedding night, and the party after the ceremony was in full bloom. The guests were dancing, eating, drinking – and mostly celebrating our union. We each moved through the crown, sharing hugs and kisses, receiving praised and congratulations, the occasional dance – but no food. Luckily for us, our best man kept an eye on us, and at some point snatched us from the bubbling crowd and deposited the newlywed couple in the little room designated for th… Read more

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Hot sex with me changed my husband

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It was a tough time for me to understand most of the things happening in my life. I was married to a person whom my parents had selected and that man used to treat me like his sex material and except that he never used to spend time with me. It was really not going well for me. One night when he was taking my clothes off, I told him that I would do sex with him only when he behaves decently. He made a sought at me and them harshly made me naked and fucked my p… Read more

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Breathing sex….

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Deep and hot and heavy. Strained and stressed. Breathing. It had started simple. Usual. I had stepped in the threshold of our tiny house. Dropping my bag by the door, I had called out to him. Like I always would. Little did I know it was an explicit replica of a prey calling out to the lion, informing it’s presence. He had pranced, much like a predator on sensing prey after days of no hunt. Like his purpose was here. Like his life depended on me. A… Read more

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Thoughts of an EX- boyfriend

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I ran into an ex boyfriend and suddenly all the memories of the time we had together swarmed my mind and distracted my focus. My husband to be is beside me… We just had a fight and I had angrily gone to clear my mind when I ran into my ex, Ajit. He was still as handsome as always. I missed the feel of his hands on my body. Just then, my fiancé’s voice draws me back. “I want to know that your heart is still with me, Pooja. We have survived through many tides and the turbulence of the ocean has led us to this perfect green island where we can finally be together forever. I could kill myself… Read more

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Sissification comes in different forms for all. Mine started with my mother and the way she dressed me. Clothing really does change and develop a person. When other little boys were dressed in shorts and a shirt, my mom dressed me in onesies, or rompers and jumper. Not ones that were boyish either. They were girls rompers, pulled up tight. She taught me how to “tuck” when I was quite young telling me this was better for me to not have that “bump”. Even my underwear was panties, in many colors including pink. I loved wearing rompers. I wore them everywhere. I learned from my older sister later… Read more

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Getting fucked six ways from Sunday/Sylvia in San

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At Margo's party, I ignored every piece of advice Ida gave me. I got so high at Margo's, I forgot what I was there for. This was supposed to a "professional" visit to the kind of a scene I might be doing, and later, arranging, in Los Angeles. I was very confident, in my life, I hadn't had to deal with much adversity, so I often went into new situations with, what seems to me now, an absurd sense of confidence. What could go wrong? or more like that Alfred E. Neuman character we all grew up with: "What, me worry?" I got DP fucked at the party three times. I'm not sure it was six different men,… Read more

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Wicked world of telemarketing

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This story has some truth to it but most of this is purely fictional. My name is Thomas and i was a college student that needed a job to pay for his tuition. I scanned the want adds for anything possible with good starting wage. I came across an add that said wanted entry level telemarketer i thought to my self well just how hard could that be. I applied and hoped for the best latter that day i got a phone call from Joan she asked if i was still interested in the telemarketing job? I replied yes as i need to find a job as soon as possible or i will have to drop out of school. An interview was… Read more

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My gf lived with her sister and I would go over from time to time, but that meant we would have to sneak around when we wanted to fuck since we never really had the place to ourselves and her sister could come in on us at any moment. The place was pretty small. A living room and kitchen, a bathroom and a single bedroom. That meant they had to share a room. As bad as it sounds, that would lead to my encounter with her sister. It was late one night and I headed over to get me some pussy. I ended up texting her but got no response. I figured maybe she had fell asleep. Now usually her sister would… Read more

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